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There are different styles of doing yoga , and we offer you Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. What makes this exercise system different from others is vinyasa or “intelligent sequence of movements with proper breathing.” This breathing technique is called the ujjayi or Breath of victory. It is a dynamic form of yoga that can be practiced by people of all ages and various psychophysical capabilities. With this traditional exercise  we achieve stretching and strengthening of muscles, building strength, calm the mind, and cleaning of the spirit.

[H3A] More about yoga [/ H3A] Yoga is a system of physical, mental and spiritual exercises, the harmony of the individual and the universe.It appeared in India about five thousand years ago. Yoga is neither a cult neither belief but a method of self-realization which begins by purifying the body and ends with the development of the spirit. Patanjali, who lived several centuries before Christ, systematized the philosophy of yoga. Yoga offers us a lot, proper breathing – keeps the body fresh, relaxing – restores vitality and practicing asana – taking certaint positions of the body preventively protects us from many health issues. “Yoga is the union of body, breath and mind, which helps us to participate in all kinds of relationships, human symbiosis with his environment respectively or complete participation in the process of life.” (Domagoj Orlic, Yoga in the west). Today, there are different schools and different styles of yoga. However, they all lead to the same goal – self-realization← Povratak
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